External Aluminum Case for 5.25SATA drives with blue LED


Article No. 18070

The GRAUGEAR G-5251 supports 5.25″ Blu-Ray/DVD/CD drives. With this external case, an internal 5.25″ SATA drive becomes your externally usable “partner” for notebooks, PCs, etc. that no longer have optical drives. The robust aluminum case is stylishly highlighted by the blue LEDs on three sides. The case is connected via a USB 3.0, or the eSATA port and is put into operation via the on/off switch. To use the new USB Type-C ports, a corresponding Type-C to Type-A adapter is also included.

• For 5.25“ Blu-Ray/DVD/CD drives and 3.5“ SATA HDDs
• With USB 3.0 and eSATA combo interfaces
• Supports Hot-Swap, Plug & Play
• Blue LEDs on three sides
• Silent design fanless
• With power switch
• With button to open the Blu-Ray/DVD/CD
• Incl. Type-C® to Type-A adapter